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Channel from the Master for the Month of September 2012

Open your heart. Let your heart expand into the energy of truth, openness, compassion and all that you are. It is time for the planet to awaken to the higher good of all. It is important to release all negativity now as you step into your power and open to the creation of truth that is deep within your being. We have come to the planet at this time to see the energies of the new Camelot take form. The new Camelot energies much like the old are here to stay, but this time we have created a foundation in which the love of the higher energies has been implemented by so many light beings, that the planet is yet ready to sustain them. What this means for all of you is that there is more and more light being poured onto the planet and into your beings, which in turn leads to a very pressurized energy in which you may feel that at times you could explode with the power of these energies. So it is important to stay grounded in your being with the energies of truth, love and compassion.

You will begin to see shifts on the planet now in regards to governments, finances, education and more. The energy of cooperation will be at the forefront. Communities will begin to come together in order to alleviate the stresses that many individuals are experiencing, from financial loss to loss of their homes and their jobs. As we recognize the oneness in all we can bring balance back onto the planet and to each other, so that each individual may experience love and fairness in their lives. The truth is many of you have been willing to share of yourselves for the betterment of mankind already. More and more you will begin to see the planet taking action in this direction. Many will be following your lead, so it is important that you stay focused on your truth while remaining centered in your being. Love is truly the answer as it will open the hearts of many. It is the foundations and communities who are sharing truth and love from their heart center, who are setting the precedent for the new world in which unconditional love within each and every being may come to fruition. The truth is it is innate in all of us. All we need to do is to open to it - to open to the unconditional love we truly believe in, so that peace, truth, love, right conduct and nonviolence may return to the planet.
With so much love for you...