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Kathleen Mulligan is a licensed Physical Therapist with a specialization in treating children of all ages and disabilities. She works with treating children in a most loving and caring format, which is supportive of their entire being as a whole. Many of the children Kathleen works with are in a position to receive a great healing because of the love and attention she brings through. These children receive the gift of healing with each physical therapy visit as they are able to pick up on the light and healing energy Kathleen intuitively carries within her being.

Kathleen is well trained in many western and eastern healing approaches for helping children to attain their highest physical, as well as spiritual and emotional potential. She is Certified in Yoga, Pilates, Rising Star and Reiki and has trained in Qi Gong, NDT and traditional strength and muscular re-education. She is also a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, and evaluates each child holistically to ensure each child receives the highest level of care.

Her specialty is in healing children from the inside out. Beginning with Love Love is able to transmit all disease into a healing and loving vibration. All healing is possible when you begin with LOVE.