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Channel from the Master for the Month of November 2014

Be aware of your thoughts, as they create your reality. When you are in a transitioning time during your life, spirit may bring you on a detour, which you will need to negotiate in order to move forward. Sometimes this detour has been put in place to allow you to heal an aspect of yourself, that has not yet healed. Other times your higher self may have placed it there, simply for your enlightenment. Either way it is to bring you a message of Faith and Surrender. Once you allow yourself the time to process this energy, you will find that you are in a much better place - freer to be of service to yourself and humanity.

Be willing to step onto the road of service by completing the painful scenarios you have endured in this lifetime. Many of these scenarios were put in place for your enlightenment, so that you may be of service to humanity in its highest order. Take time to appreciate the amazing being you are, and the beautiful service that you are offering. It is through this service that you will bring great healing and wisdom to the world.

With so much love for you…


Woth so much Love for You,