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The More Truth Will Set You Free Workshops are extraordinarily powerful. The teachings brought through at these workshops are ancient wisdom and yet apply to today's world, right up to the now. At these workshops, you will be brought through a process that will bring you more understanding and Love than you can imagine right now. Many people all over the world have been brought to their highest potential and missions through these workshops. The teachings will be fun and you will laugh, cry, and change on all levels of your being. This is a guarantee. Why can we give this guarantee? Because God, Source, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed is the Teacher, not the person facilitating the workshop. We wish you all the Love Love Love that you are open to receiving and hope to see you at a More Truth Will Set You Free workshop very soon.


  • Experience profound healing and clearing on all levels.
  • Release limiting karma and many unresolved issues.
  • Accelerate your spiritual growth and ascension process.
  • Move to a higher level of personal consciousness.
  • Access more of your highest divine potential.
  • Connect more clearly to Source.

If Love is the way, why not start today –
for tomorrow may not be anything you might see.
Look through Heaven's eyes.

“The Greatest Gift is the Gift of Transformation” Derek O’Neill