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Kathleen's Channel Heart Healings offers you a level of initiation in which you are being prepared to step into the highest version of yourself. The clearing that happens during a session opens your heart to a higher truth, while empowering you to speak your truth. The innate wisdom that is poured through helps you to connect to lifetimes of knowledge and wisdom that is directed into this moment. Divine guidance, deep healing and expansion of the heart are at the center of a Channel Heart Healing.

The Rising Star and Prema Birthing Modalities have been channeled through Master Healer and Spiritual Teacher Derek O'Neill who is based in Dublin, Ireland (www.bornfreenow.com). . These healing modalities are of the purest light and vibration.

During the Rising Star Divine Life Energy is transferred to the part of your being that needs it most for your healing and rebalancing to full health.

The Prema Birthing is a beautiful healing modality in which your Divine Parents come together in a loving rebirth, with Archangel Michael cutting the ties to your physical birth mother with his sword of truth.

Katheen was initiated and trained by Derek O'Neill in facilitating the More Truth Will Set You Free Workshops. The teachings that come through during these workshops are ancient wisdom and yet apply to today's world. They offer profound healing and clearing on all levels of your being, all while listening to beautiful music and channeled readings.

As a Physical Therapist, Kathleen has over 10 years of experience treating adults and children of all ages and dis-ease. Her vast training in ancient healing modalites including yoga, qigong, pilates and energy healing, combined with traditional strength and endurance training allows her to provide a holistic treatment approach to each individual.

To learn more about each of these healing modalities please click on the appropriate link.