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Channel from the Master for the Month of May 2015

Be strong and be receptive. Allow the energies to rise in your being by finding strength from within. As you go about your day, allow changes to take place in a calm and receptive environment. Be still enough to receive them and strong enough to take action. May is a time of great growth, and in this growth great wisdom will be found.

In your Being you will find that everything comes to you. Strength comes from a calm still place within you. You have great strength and this will allow you to move forward. All answers lie within, but you must be still enough to receive them. Make room for inner calm and stillness in order to reach your highest potential.

You inner space will create your outer space, so make the effort to clear away any inner debris for peacefulness to arise. As the creator of your own reality, allow your creations to come from a still and loving space so that you may manifest heaven on earth. Great joy is the benefit of a calm, peaceful and loving environment. Nurture your being to wholeness by finding this loving space within.

With So Much Love For You...