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Channel from the Master for the Month of March 2015

March is a gentle time of renewal. This spring will begin in gentleness. Allow a calm and gentle energy to surround you, as you slowly unravel your past, and step into the energy of renewal. There is a tremendous amount of LOVE being poured onto the planet at this time, to clear up hurts and energies of old. Barbaric ways of existence have come up for clearing, and are readying to leave the planet, as the world will no longer tolerate these energies. Your role is to just be and allow the shifts to occur. Breathe in the light of pure consciousness to ground a new stabilizing energy here on the planet, allowing peace to flow from your being. As peace rises on the planet a new wave of consciousness will settle, setting the foundation for a new way of existing. Consciousness will rise to allow all to thrive as they tap into the universal flow of life force energy. Be Love to transmit Love and Be Peace to transmit Peace. Be all that you wish to manifest in the world.

With so much love for you...