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Channel from the Master for the Month of June 2013

Be Open to Receive! Now is the time to step forward in your truth and to be open to receive. Huge shifts are in store for you, should you allow them in. These shifts have to do with stepping into a much more evolved way of living in the present moment, where things that used to bother you will no longer, as they will simply be a blip on your screen that you will easily move through. Expansion has been at the helm lately, and you have moved through mountains of experiences, often waiting for steady ground to arrive beneath you. Well wait no longer, as a new foundation has been built for you among the chaos, and life will begin to feel fresh and new. Clingy to the past will only keep you stuck in an old reality - so release - join in the chaos - and celebrate in the new foundation of your life.

With all the tornadoes and upheavel of late, massive amounts of energy have been cleared on the planet, so that Mother Earth may also present her new foundation. This foundation is to be laid with kindness and gentleness, establishing a new way of living on earth for the masses to see. So much truth needed to arise in order for humanity to clear the old ungenuine ways of living, to establish a true and more loving foundation for all to benefit from.

Stay focused in June in your heart center, so that consciousness may shift as a whole, and a foundation of Truth and Joy may make its way through on Earth. 2013 is setting a new foundation of love on the planet, so allow this shift to happen through you and by you to encourage a more natural and loving way of living!

With so much love for you...