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Channel from the Master for the Month of July 2014

This month awaken your inner warrior. Stand strong and have courage in your conviction to create a life worth living. July brings in the energy of truth, knowing and understanding, all of which bring clarity, allowing you to have courage and conviction in moving forward. Many of you will experience huge transformations this month, creating space for growth and new opportunities. As you allow these opportunities to expand, you will see that you created these situations for your highest good. As the creator of your own destiny, allow your experiences to shift to ownership and responsibility. When you take ownership of your life and your creations, you allow them to shift with ease. It is when you resist, that you create more of the same.

Your power to create is growing stronger and stronger, so create from the space of love and truth. With this in mind, send the energy of prema agni out into the universe, so that others too may experience love and truth in their world. With the focus shifting from one to all, we can begin to create a world based on love and truth, utilizing the wisdom within our hearts, to expand conscious awareness to all. Humanity is ready for a shift now, and therefore needs our commitment to grow. Release old fears and worries, trusting in your divinity and in your hearts wisdom to manifest a new world. You have all the power within you, utilize it wisely and lovingly, and let the shifts begin!

With So Much LOVE For You...