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Channel from the Master for the Month of February 2014

This month follow your passion into your heart, and express yourself fully. Allow your inner wisdom to arise and awaken all that is good for you. Expression from your heart allows you to unravel life's deeper mysteries, in a way that you may not have thought possible. The mind is limited in its capacity to express itself, whereas the heart is expansive and never ending in its ability to express its truth, from a loving and compassionate place. It's time to awaken the mysteries of the heart, so that we may be of service to mankind in a loving and compassionate way. When we realize our highest potential lies within, we will begin to seek answers to life's more difficult questions from within. As we expand from our heart center, we allow this wisdom to guide us and steady us as we go.

As we step into a new age of awareness, we begin to heal past hurts and open to a new way of living. Life has so many opportunities waiting for us, we just need to be still enough to realize them. With the opening of the heart chakra, comes an identification with higher living. This means that much of the old will fall away naturally as we step forward into the love of the I AM. Many relationships may fall away, so that higher relationships may be born. This includes loving from a place deep within to establish these relationships. With the consciousness of the heart chakra expanding, life unveils unlimited potential. This means that we can release the limitations of the mind and enter a free flowing existence. While we have yet to realize this time, it is on its way. So open to the beauty within you and allow this new way of living to be born.

With so much love for you...