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Channel from the Master for the Month of December 2013

As this year draws to a close, open your hearts more to the wisdom within your soul. As consciousness shifts from one form to another, we learn to forgive ourselves and our expectations, thereby releasing all expectations. When we live freely - we act freely. We act with integrity for the moment, and we learn that each and everyone of us is connected at the core of our being. As you free up from the dramas of the past, life takes on an all new meaning. It is important to remember that this meaning is forever changing, like the magical place of this Universe. When we reach for the stars with an open heart, we will learn to create freely and openly, expressing our truth and our wisdom.

And so as the Universe goes through a cleansing cycle, know that it is getting ready to create from a beautiful place of love and wisdom. With the consciousness of humanity shifting, we no longer need to look back at the past for answers. We need to keep our vision forward and ever present, so that we may become the change we are looking for. This is truly the way forward, as we progress into a time where love is the answer to all that we need. Humanity's heart is awakening as a whole, which allows for great progress in regards to a new vision for the world. So stay centered and connected at all times, and allow your vision and the collective vision for the world to unfold!

With So Much Love for You,