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A Channel Heart Healing offers you a level of initiation in which you are being prepared to step into the highest version of yourself. The clearing that happens during a session opens your heart to a higher truth, while empowering you to speak your truth. The innate wisdom that is poured through helps you to connect to lifetimes of knowledge and wisdom that is directed into this moment. Divine guidance, deep healing and expansion of the heart are at the center of a Channel Heart Healing.

With so much Love for You…………Kathleen Mulligan

"I will never stop being amazed how God chooses to manifest and work through people. When you meet Kathy - you meet this incredible being of very small size yet the amount of Love, Truth and Wisdom coming through her is immeasurable. I have met quite a few channelers and I choose to always go back to Kathy. The information arrives directly from the Source and goes beyond this space and time. Your Truth will be revealed and at the same time you will experience the LOVE emanating from Kathy's heart. Why Kathy? It is simple - her LOVE for God and for us makes this possible. My dearest Kathy I love you and please accept my deepest gratitude for your Service to us. When I had my first channeling - I was speechless and I had a tear in my eye as the issue I was struggling with for quite a while was brought to the surface and the Truth about it - and the Love – was revealed. I had no reason to hold onto it anymore. Dear God - what a gift."

"I have known Kathy for many years now and have had the benefit of a friendship with her that continues to grow and evolve. Within this friendship, Kathy has a voice and it is this voice from my friend that I am quite familiar with. About six months ago, Kathy told me that she had been guided to do channeling work and that this tool would become a great facilitator of healing for those in her world. In an effort to hone her skills and validate this gift for her personal Self, Kathy did channeling work on her core group of friends. The energy that comes through in Kathy’s channeling is in fact remarkable. It is not just the message that is uncanny and intuitive, but the voice in which it is conveyed. When I read Kathy’s channeled messages, it is very clear this is not the voice of my friend, but rather the voice of the divine coming through—Kathy stepping aside and allowing herself to be this vehicle for truth and guidance. This is no small gift for many a healer cannot help but insert themselves in the very healing modalities that they utilize—not Kathy—for her, the message is pure and unadulterated and the healing one of Truth. On each of our paths there are times when we all need a little help…some clarity…some direction. Kathy’s gift – to be able to channel guidance from the divine – has helped me to walk my path with greater conviction."
Much Light and Love to all,
PAD, December 2006

Kathleen is eternally grateful to her Spiritual Teacher and Master Healer Derek O’Neill. For more information on Derek you may visit his website at www.sq-wellness.com.