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Channel from the Master for the Month of August 2013

This month become aware of your thoughts and your actions. It is time to recognize your own light, and spread your light out into the world. There is much indecisiveness to be cleared at this time on the planet. This energy is up, not to hurt you, but to empower you. To bring you into alignment with the truth of who you are and to empower you to step forward and align your thoughts and actions. Many of you are squandering right now. This is because the energy of the Universe is that of confusion, and as the confusion lifts, you will begin to become aware of who you truly are, and what exactly you came here to do. With this awareness in your being, it is time to awaken to this truth to bring you home.

Focus on your core to bring you into the light of Forgiveness, so that you may release the past and enter into a state of clarity. Many of you are holding onto illusions of the past, that keep you stuck in a cycle of confusion. When you refuse to release them, you remain stuck, but when you open to the Grace within you, life begins to flourish. Take time to become aware of this gift and celebrate the love that you are. Release old belief systems that no longer serve you. The world is waiting for you - your energy, your love and your commitment to service - to serve them in a way that your knowledge and wisdom, once shared, has the potential to bring them home. We are all in this together, as we all hold a key that may open the heart of another. Share your wisdom and hold the light within you always!