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Channel from the Master for the Month of April 2015

In the month of April Be present with all that is. Allow your inner wisdom to unfold. April is an exciting time of creation, and this creation will allow you to move forward with ease. In April the winds are at your back to create from a place deep within, to allow you access to a new way of viewing the world. When doorways to a new world vision open for you, they are filled with excitement. They are filled with the inner knowing that all things must come to an end, in order to open the way for new found freedom to enter into your life. April provides a time of nourishment and enrichment, as the world begins to move towards a time in which inner guidance will lead the way. Gone are the times in which analytical minds are the framework for success, as the feminine nature moves in to empower you in your intuitive guidance, allowing you to move forward with ease. Faith and intuition are the foundations for the new world. Step into your being by centering within, and allowing the new world to unfold.

With So Much Love For You...