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Kathleen Mulligan is a Spiritual Teacher and Practitioner. She has studied and trained with Master Healer and Spiritual Teacher Derek O'Neill who is based in Dublin Ireland, (www.SQ-Wellness.com) since 2004. Working with Derek has opened her world to incredible healing and intuition. Kathleen is an intuitive guide, transforming the lives of many through her inspirational Channel Heart Healings, Womb Healings, Rising Star and Prema Birthing Healings, NLP, and More Truth Will Set You Free Workshops. She is the founder and creator of the Channel Heart Healing Modality. Kathleen and Karen Mulligan are the co-founders/creators of Womb Heart Wisdom, a healing modality to empower the Womb of Creation. She is also a physical therapist and holistic health counselor, drawing on and utilizing many healing modalities in her practice to expedite her clients’ recovery. Kathleen facilitates a wide range of healing workshops, including the More Truth Will Set You Free Workshops, helping individuals to empower themselves through discussions, higher spiritual teachings, meditation and more. She works with individuals on many levels in a loving and compassionate way, empowering them to bring love, abundance and true joy into their lives.She is an intuitive guide offering Channel Heart Healings offering channels from the Masters, as she has become a clear channel for the Divine. Kathleen opens her heart daily to the possibility of creating NOW and in the Moment as this is where her path has taken her.

It is now her mission to share with others these healing gifts, by dedicating her life to this incredible healing journey of Awakening to the Divine Within. It is an amazing time on the planet and it is time for us all to awaken to our gifts awaken to the truth of our being. It is no longer time to ponder our options as our options are many. It is by tuning in in each moment and connecting within, that we will be able to expand the greatness of our being.

It is Kathleen's mission and her joy to help those who are awakening on their spiritual path to see their Divinity and feel their strong connection to Source. As a teacher and practitioner of the Rising Star healing system, Source energy moves through Kathleen during a healing session allowing an individual to receive great love and healing. The Rising Star healing system is filled with the Love of the Christ Consciousness. This love penetrates an individual's being during a healing session, assisting them in removing blocks that may have been holding them back throughout their life.

In addition, Kathleen is a Facilitator of the More Truth Will Set You Free workshops, a Pracitioner of the Prema Birthing Healing System, a Physical Therapist and a Certified Holistic Health Counselor.

Kathleen believes in empowering you as an individual by helping you to connect to your inner divinity, and to heal old wounds and past traumas that prevent you from moving forward in your life. By healing past hurts, you will see, know and feel a freedom which is incredibly transforming and breathtaking. Your life may become a wide open book, with so many incredible opportunities to create in the moment and to manifest heaven on earth.

Wishing you LOVE, FREEDOM and JOY